Policies & Etiquette

Q- It is my first time taking a class. Do you have any tips for me?
A- Make sure you arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the registration form, or you can print it from here and bring it with you. When you arrive, make sure to let the teacher know if you have any medical considerations, or do not prefer to receive hands-on adjustments. It’s best not to eat very soon before class, and to remember to stay hydrated beforehand.

Q- What happens before and after my first class?
A- After signing in, remove your shoes before entering the studio space where you’ll find cubbies for your things. Remember to turn your phone sound and vibration off! If you don’t have a mat, the studio can provide one free of charge that you can clean using spray or wipes after class. Props such as blankets, straps, blocks and bolsters are located at the back of the studio and should be stacked neatly in place after the class is finished. Props do not need to be cleaned. You can use our complimentary towels to wipe yourself off.

Q- What if I arrive late or need to leave early?
A- We understand sometimes there are many obstacles on the road to yoga. If you arrive late, the most important thing you can do is respect the students who are already in the studio space by entering quietly and setting your mat down softly. You can arrive up to 15 minutes late (75 min or 90 min classes) or 10 minutes late (60 min or 45 min classes) before you won’t be allowed into the studio. Save time by registering and signing into class using our app or the MindBody Connect app. Upon entering a class late, integrate as quietly as possible. The same goes for if you need to leave early, and honor your practice by taking a quick Savasana (final relaxation) before exiting.