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Elke Vanderhout
"Words cannot describe my heartfelt gratitude for Ian and am thankful for this wonderful and inspirational training. Ian convinced me I could do it and kept me engaged throughout the entire journey."
Alex Urvina
"This is the teacher training that I was always looking for. Amazing knowledge from all the teachers and the blessings from Swamiji"
Hindy Striem
"The experience surpassed all my expectations. I felt transformed from a student to a yoga teacher through this experience and it has given me the basis i needed to begin my new journey. I am deeply grateful and thankful to Ian for this."
Thomas Taulbee
"The teacher training with Ian provided me with so much more than just the fundamental of teaching a class. The course outline was extremely detailed and matter of fact. We knew what each week would bring and our responsibilities. It was never a surprise when we walked into class. For me, a working"
Myriam Lluria Sitterson
"My yoga teacher training at JustOm Yoga studio was a transformative experience and one I will always cherish. The teachers, my fellow trainees and the program all went above and beyond my expectations. I looked forward to each and every minute of the program."
Russell Rosario
"Really friendly owner and staff. They have bikram yoga and many other types of yoga available. Lots of parking available."
Alice Lash
"Great yoga studio in South Miami. Wonderful staff."
Yari Gonzalez
"Absolutely loved Just OM. My first time was today...the day before Thanksgiving and what a gift it was. From the moment i walked in you could feel the warmth and positive energy. I look forward to continuing my practice at Just OM"
Kaydy V
"I swung by this yoga studio to inquire about their class schedule and it just happened to be their one year anniversary. The experiences thereafter have ALL been positive and great. I am hooked with this little joint."